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Why Mediate With Kyle

Each conflict is as unique as the individual parties involved.  There is no "one size fits all" method to resolving cases.  Rather, unique situations require unique solutions. 

Utilizing an approach that incorporates both facilitative and evaluative techniques, Kyle works to get beyond the more superficial aspects of each dispute and understand the real drivers for each party.  Drawing upon his experience managing complex global litigation, Kyle provides the parties with valuable perspective and offers solutions that frequently elude others.  This approach respects the individuality and unique circumstances of each litigant while offering a proven pathway to success.  Further, having served in multiple General Counsel and VP roles, Kyle has worked extensively with CEOs and other C-suite executives.  That experience enables him to speak candidly and with credibility to the decision makers involved in each dispute.  Ultimately, his ability to persuade key decision makers sets Kyle's mediation sessions apart from others.

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